Maniac Magee

questions I have:

1. Who is maniac magee?

2. What effect will he have in this book?

3. Where does he live?




So maniac finally found a home, he lives at Amanda Beale’s house, is good with her siblings, and, qoute, “loves everything about his new home” but the end of CH 16 ended by saying “maniac magee loves everything about his new home, but everything about his new home does not love him back” DUM,DUM,DUUUUUM (:




hey guys, as you all know right now i am reading Maniac Magee (Jerry Spinelli). In the book Maniac can run very fast ( we’re talkin Olympic gold medalist here ) and he is homeless. Maniac is an orphan and doesn’t live any particular place. He borrowed a book from a girl who carries a suitcase full of books because her home isn’t safe enough. well, that’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated!

❤ emma


2 responses to “Maniac Magee

  1. gottachoc

    I am not sure about Maniac Magee but I trust Jerry Spinelli, he is always good for a story. For some reason he reminds me of that guy who wrote Frindle (what was his name????)

  2. gottachoc

    it kind f has mythical qualities because how could someone really run away without taking into account practical considerations like where does he sleep????

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