When I first started twilight (Stephanie Meyer) I couldn’t get into it. For the first two chapters I had to keep telling myself that it would get better. Edward was creepy, Bella was weird, and the whole vampire theme was hard to connect too. But then, as i neared the end of the second chapter I found myself enjoying the book. Finally, I got to the point where I just couldn’t put the book down. 

    This book doesn’t really remind me of any book I’ve ever read before. Stephanie Meyer is a very daring author. Not just any author can pull off a book about vampires.

❤ emma


3 responses to “Twilight

  1. gottachoc

    ????? when you.. what??

  2. gottachoc

    I’m going to read it

  3. vampirelovr

    Ya it’s really good isn’t it.
    = )

    My blog is all about the series.

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