In The Year Of The boar and jackie robinson

Hey all, and sorry I haven’t written for a while, in the meantime I have finished “Maniac Magee” and am starting a new book called “In The Year Of The Boar And Jackie Robinson” and it is written by Bette Bao Lord. The book takes place in Brooklyn, New York where a young girl  has just immigrated from China and does not know English. The girl’s name is Shirley Temple Wong. She had to leave most of her family behind and is sad but hopeful to go.




hi guys, so right now as you all know, i am reading “In the year of the boar and jackie Robinson” by  Bette Bao Lord. I feel bad for Shirley because when her mother and her went to meet the principal of her future school it didn’t seem like the principal was very understanding. also, when shirley came to america she didn’t know any english.




Hey everyone, it is almost summer and shirley is just now learning about how jackie robinson is making history. meanwhile, shirley is doing well in her class and has made a few new friends. one girl was mean to her at first but is now very nice to her and teaching her how to play “stick ball” (stickball is just like baseball except with a stick). apparently shirley is very good at playing stickball and her classmates gave her the nickname jackie robinson. 

cultural misunderstandings:

when shirley lived in china, a lot of things were different, for example, when someone gave you a compliment, it would be rude to accept it.

so when shirley asked her teacher a question and her teacher said “why, what an excellent question” shirley was embarrassed.




Hey Guys, right now what is going on in The year of the boar and jackie robinson, is that shirley has discovered her love for baseball. every day she sits next to the radio and listens to the sports people talk about the baseball games that are going on.

Shirley has been getting along with her piano teacher (Senorita) and her parrot (toscanini). 

Shirley is adjusting to America better than I would have thought, because at the beginning of the book Shirley didn’t have any friends at couldn’t speak English. Also, I talked about the cultural differences between America and China and Shirley is adjusting quite well.

❤ emma


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  1. Emma

    this is great!

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